Sterling Serpents

Established in 2012 – Built on 20+ years of expertise

Committed to Breeding and Keeping the Highest Quality Captive Bred Reptiles

A true passion for herpetology.

Sterling Serpents owners/operators and staff have a love for all reptiles, not just the ones in our collection.

Herpetological Conservation and Education

Prior to launching, Sterling Serpents founder was heavily involved in herpetology education, teaching university courses and facilitating community demonstrations, in addition to maintaining active breeding projects and working with native reptile populations.

Diverse Husbandry Expertise

Having kept 100+ different species over the years prior to officially launching Sterling Serpents in 2012, Jason and his team have a very extensive background working with a wide range of reptiles and amphibians.

Genetics and Genomics

In addition to breeding the highest quality reptiles, Sterling Serpents is also involved in the development of a variety of reptile-specific genetic tests.

An array of resources

We have invested heavily in infrastructure to ensure that our animals have the highest quality housing, diets, and care.

Dedicated Snake Room

  • Thermostat Controlled Systems.
  • Large Visual Displays in addition to racks.
  • Multiple Incubation Setups

Custom Bioactive Housing

  • Unique Custom-Built Housing for Geckos.
  • Automated Temp/Humidity Controls.
  • Species-Specific Accommodations.
  • Home Raised Feeder Insects

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